EURASIA is a company engaged in EPC contracting and complete supply of mechanical and electric equipment with extensive business scope in science,engineering and trade. EURASIA is the exclusive partner of CNEEC which has been listed in the top 225 International Contractors for years for which the survey is held by ENR,USA. 

EURASIA mainly undertakes EPC contracting and project management in the fields,both at home and abroad,of thermal power,hydro-power,transmission and distribution and power supply, environment,municipal and public utilities, industrial and commercial constructions, and intelligent building,including design and consultation (with a nationalclass-Acomprehensive design in stituteaffiliated),mechanical and electric equipment supply,construction management, construction supervision(with a national class-Asupervision company affiliated),installation, test and commissioning service.


•Project contracting

•Project design and consultation 

•Management of construction project 

•Complete supply of machine and electric equipment 

•Bid invitation fo relectromechanical plants 

•Project construction supervision 

•Scientific research and development 

•International trade